Do you believe that there is an alternative to hybrid cars with regards to fuel-efficiency? Have you been thinking there needs to be a vehicle that you may not know about yet? You’d assume that with so many different cars for sale in the world, there will be one that is better than hybrid cars in terms of fuel economy. At this point in time, there does not appear to be one. A thing just like that cannot be kept a secret for too long.

How is it possible that a gas powered car can turn into a more fuel efficient than a hybrid? You could expect to locate a car that receives better fuel economy than a hybrid. Are there small conventional cars that surpass a hybrid car for fuel efficiency? Are electric vehicles better than a hybrid? Because they don’t run using gas, you can’t really compare them to hybrids. Should there be an automobile better than a hybrid than what is it? No standard car anywhere can beat the fuel efficiency of a hybrid. There isn’t anything concealed in the back of a car dealership somewhere waiting to be found. There is no reason why some dealership would want to keep such a car a secret.

The answer to the concern has come with the EPA and its statistics for the new fuel-economy for the latest vehicles. Lots of the top fuel-efficient cars tend to be hybrids with the Toyota Prius at the top spot with a fuel economy of 50 mpg. The cars found at rankings two and three are both from Honda, which are the Insight and the Civic, with the same fuel economy of 41 mpg. If you need the most fuel-efficient vehicle, then you’re going to have to buy a hybrid, because you are not going to find a conventional car anywhere close. No one is aware if car manufacturers are working on something different so your only real option is a hybrid.

If you are searching for the best of the best, the single one at this time is the Toyota Prius. If you are sure to take into account other things, like price, perhaps you may look at other hybrids. The Honda Hybrids are good options should you be looking for a hybrid on a budget. In the event you prefer a special brand of car, you probably want to consider the Toyota Prius. The only reason never to buy this car, is some other factor, such as looks, which might be a big reason for many people.

Car manufacturers are actually working on building a more efficient vehicle, but right now it hasn’t shown up. You’re going to be discovering more plug-in hybrid cars, battery-powered electric cars and a lot more cars with fuel-efficient engine systems. However, getting a hybrid right now is not a bad choice at all.